Cyber Warriors

For class, we recently read two articles (which you can find here and here) about attempts to educate current students about cybersecurity.  The hope is that starting curriculum at the middle school level will get kids interested enough to eventually pursue a career in cybersecurity. Our whole world in digital.  Global finance is digital. Personal... Continue Reading →

Hack-scuse me?

We have been reading several articles regarding the ease with which people can hack your phone, social media, or even determine what it is you see on a seemingly legitimate news website. In short, it's terrifying.  The articles made it seem so easy and the information is just out there on the Internet! Want to hack... Continue Reading →


After all the eye-rolling in my previous post about We Are Legion, I was happy to see someone I can get behind in Edward Snowden. Snowden was responsible for the 2013 leak of NSA documents which revealed to the world just how much the U.S. government was spying on its citizens.  Even more irksome was they... Continue Reading →


A couple years ago, I coached a SuperQuiz team (think Battle of the Books, only there's one book but it's a big DK book) where the team was studying Ultimate Spy by H. Keith Melton. While I wasn't doing the actual studying, I retained a lot of information by quizzing and helping the team.  The book... Continue Reading →


This month I've begun a 3-week class for my MLIS program, "LS 590 Cyber Espionage and Terrorism." To share my thoughts and engage with the material and my classmates, I will be posting my discussions here. As an introduction to the class, our first assignment was to watch WarGames (1983), the classic Matthew Broderick film about... Continue Reading →

Database and a Look Back

Our final project for LS 560 Information Technology was to create a database. Now from the start, I was quite intimidated by this idea, but I decided to attack it like everything else in this course - head on. As it turns out, it wasn't too hard. We used Microsoft Access to build the database.... Continue Reading →

Website Usability

For the LS 560 Information Technology class I am currently taking, we had to do a Website Usability study.  If you're anything like me, that sounds way more complicated than it really was.  If you'd like to check it you, you can see it here. The point of the assignment was the survey a group... Continue Reading →

What the CRAP?

For my LS 560 (Information Technology) class, we are doing an analysis of a website of our choosing using the "CRAP" method as outlines by our professor, Dr. Bonnici. CRAP stands for: Contrast (using opposites to highlight information) Repetition (reuse of an element) Alignment (positioning of elements) Proximity (distance between elements) The following is a... Continue Reading →

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